Sunday, February 1, 2009

Big Game Prediction

In my preseason predictions, I boldly stated the Steelers would win Super Bowl XLIII.

Legal Department Note: We have been issued a cease and desist order on using the term Super Bowl by the NFL. From now one, please use a different term.

In my preseason predictions, I boldly stated the Steelers would win the Superb Bowel. It's not often my pre-season picks come true (I picked Seattle to win the NFC), but since I made it this far with my prediction, I can’t quit on them now.

The Steelers will beat the Cardinals Superb Bowel XLIII and it will not be close.

Before the championship game two Sundays ago, the head of the Las Vegas Hilton sports book was on the radio. When asked what he thought the line on a possible Steelers/Cardinals match up would be, he said off the top of his head it would be at least 10 points.

When the matchup occurred, everyone in town settle on 6 ½ points and that is where it stayed. My point is that the spread should have been more and everyone is just caught up with the whole underdog story. The books realized this and did not want to put out a big line enticing everyone to jump on the underdog. So they set a line lower than they really thought the game would because they knew that this would get enough action on both sides.

I’m not buying it. The Steelers are the far superior team. The Cardinals have been dreadful on the road this year. Their only big road win (against the Panthers) required not just a bad performance by the opposing QB but a HISTORICALLY bad performance. If the Eagles had showed up to play in the first half, they would have won that game. The Steelers simply have the better team.

So make that last minute call to your friend who has a cousin who knows a bookie. Take that money you were going to spend to pay your second mortgage and put it all on the Steelers. So what if you lose and end up defaulting. You’ll just be eligible for the inevitable federal bailout. Win-Win.

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