Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cubs Brawl with San Diego Padres

Observations of the Cub/Padres Not such a Brawl

1. Notice how the Cub’s Lee pushes the Padres’ Young slightly away before throwing the punch. This should get Lee his union card in the stuntman’s association.

2. Is there any doubt these guys studied the Mayweather/ De La Hoya fight on how NOT to hit their opponent.

3. Watch the little guy who grabs Young by the waist to hold him back. Why do they hold back their own guy and not the other guy? When you grab your teammate aren’t you just opening him up to get popped? Which brings me to point…

4. Notice Lee after they first break apart. He actually runs TOWARD his teammates so they can hold him back. I’m sure after the game Lee said, “Damn, if my teammates weren’t so quick to catch me, I might have run out of the stadium.”

5. But nothing tops Carlos Zambrano. Of course he wants to fight. He’d love to hit someone for once who wasn’t on his own team. But can someone explain to me how his belt came off during the fracas? I mean, did he take it off himself? Was one of his teammates looking out for him because they know he loves that belt and didn’t want it scuffed up?

The next time I get in a brawl, I am totally going to go “Zambrano” on his ass and just my drop draws. Bet he runs to his teammates then.