Saturday, January 15, 2011

Division Round

After going a mediocre 2-2 last weekend, I offer you an equally mediocre weekend of picks. If these picks do not go 2-2, you get your money back!

As always, the losing team is in bold.

"Why yes. I have been 'Roethlisbergerer' by Number 7"
Ravens at Steelers -3

"They're real and they're gorgeous...and go great with nachos."

Packers +2 at Falcons

"Not only do I work and Starbucks, I am it's number one customer."

Seahawks +10 at Bears

"I wear this not as a fan, but for safety reasons. Keeps the concussions down from banging my head against the wall everytime Sanchez overthrows a wide open receiver."

Jets +9 at Patriots

Last week 2-2

Year 138-117-5

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wild Card Picks

Here are my dead solid lock, bet them if you love money, picks for Wild Card Weekend.

As always, by picks for the losing team are in bold.

Saints at Seahawks +10
Jets at Colts -2.5
Ravens at Chiefs +3
Packers +2.5 at Eagles

Last Week 9-7
Year 136-115-5

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 17- You can't make this stuff up!

To say 2010 was ripe with comedy blending into sports would be an understatement. It was more like the sports world was completely doused with a vat full of unintentional comedy juice. The juice by the way taste remarkably like orange Gatorade.

The phrase “you cannot make this up” was never used as much as in 2010. While the Rex Ryan foot fetish controversy proved to be the perfect icing on the cake, we cannot forget some of the other great sports comedy moments of 2010.

Brett Favre took “sexting” to a new level. A level I think none of us wanted nor needed to know about. SNL summed it up best in their Wranglers jeans parody.

Just when the Tiger Woods story could not get creepier, it did. His Nike ad with the voice of his long since deceased dad was just plain uncomfortable. But it was also a perfect set up for parody versions of the ad. Here is one of many that were done, but is probably the one that best gets what he was really thinking

Game 7 of the NBA Finals will be remembered for many things but none more that Ron Artest’s post game interview. It was the first and only post game interview that includes a shout out to a therapist and a plug for a new song! The is the funniest SNL sketch of the year not written or performed by SNL.

I look forward to the sports world in 2011 providing just as many, if not more, comedic gems as this year.

Speaking of gems, below are my picks for the final week of the regular season. Staying with my system of picking losers, the losing side is in bold.

Happy New Year!

Raiders at Chiefs -3.5
Dolphins +5 at Patriots
Titans +9.5 at Colts
Jaguars at Texans -3
Steelers at Browns +5.5
Bengals +9.5 at Ravens
Vikings at Lions -3.5
Giants -4 at Redskins
Bears at Packers -9.5
Cowboys at Eagles -3
Bills at Jets -2
Panthers at Falcons -14
Bucs +7.5 at Saints
Rams at Seahawks +3
Cardinals at 49ers -6
Chargers at Broncos +3

Last Week 9-7
Year 127-108-5