Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Prop Bowl

For the three years, I have made my Super Bowl picks on this site. For three years, I have gotten it wrong . Couple this fact with a stunning 6 game losing streak that I am currently under and I am not even going to bet my own prediction for the game.

In case you want to go the opposite way, take the Colts and give the 5 points.

Instead of the actual game, I am going to instead give you my top prop bets for the Big Game. If you are not familiar with prop bets, let’s just say these are the bets that make the Super Bowl game the Super Bowl of winning weekends for the Las Vegas sports books. The casinos and town are so psyched about this weekend that a local TV newsman literally called it a holiday weekend for the Las Vegas valley.

The term prop comes from the ancient Greek work propious which means "sucker." You would think this would give me pause before placing such a bet; but in the immortal words of the great Admiral Farragut, “Damn the vigorish, full speed ahead!”

When I decide which props bets to make, I always avoid the ones I have to lay money and instead go for the ones with a plus price. I feel bad enough that I am succumbing to the casinos hypnotic trance, but at least I will trick myself into believing I am getting a good deal by not having to put up more money than I could win.

The truth is some of the best prop bets are the ones you have to lay money. A good example of this is the prop on whether the game will go into overtime. There have been 43 Super Bowls and none have gone to OT. You have to lay $1050 to win $100, but it really is a good bet.

Bit I shall not allow let logic get in my way. So here are my top 7 prop bets to make for the Super Bowl.

Total 1st half points by Saints
Over 13 +110

First score of the game will be a field goal
Yes +180

Shortest TD scored by either team
Over 1.5 yards +135

Which will occur 1st in game for the Colts
Punt +120

Total Punts in Game
Under 8 +110

Total Sacks by the Colts
Over 2 +190

Devery Henderson will score at least one TD
Yes +220

First Players to score a TD
Dallas Clark 9/1

Enjoy the game!

Last week 0-2

Season 137-124-8