Saturday, February 2, 2008

Real Super Bowl Predictions

Like a Paul Thomas Anderson film, pundits this week have gone on and on and on about who will win the big game. That’s easy to do. It will be the Patriots by a score of 38-17.

With that is out of the way, here are some predictions on the more important things surrounding the Super Bowl.

The most talked about commercial will be the Pepsi commercial with the deaf guys. The most common Monday morning line about the commercial - “Gee, I kept turning up the volume because I couldn’t hear anything.”

Jordin Sparks will mispronounce at least one word of the national anthem. More than likely she will sing “For the land of the free…” instead of “O’er the land of the free…”

After the game, every single Patriot player will say how disrespected they were before the game and how no one thought they would win. Being favorites by double digits was like being slapped in the face with a lead glove.

There will be at least 10 commercials promoting the NFL Network. They will be funny and engaging, but will still not move cable operators to add on a network that only airs 8 meaningful shows a year.

Buck and Aikman will not make one reference about Spygate during the telecast. They are too afraid of getting a subpoena to testify in the eventual Senate hearing held this spring.

The passing of the Super Bowl trophy will go Kraft to Belichick to ….Seau (not Tom Brady). This is the only upset I am predicting for the game.

And the most important prediction….
The Coin toss will land on HEADS!

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