Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 1- Things I learned during pre-season

Things I learned during this year pre-season

Mike Shanahan is from Mars and Albert Haynesworth is from Venus.

Rex Ryan is quite a scholar when it come to the many uses of the work F&%k.

Brett Favre will do whatever it takes not to share a room with another man. (which has to be the reason he misses training camp)

The NFL is just looking out for the well being of its players with these new concussion rules. (remember this when they extend the season by 2 games, but ask the players to take less money)

The NFL is just giving the fans what they want by thinking of adding 2 more games. (remember this “giving the fans what they want” when they lock out the players after this season)

Randy Moss’ ability to be content lasts exactly 3 seasons. (This is two seasons longer than TO)

Steeler fans have a surprisingly compassionate ability to forgive quarterbacks who have been accused of sexual assault. The reason might have something to do with Dennis Dixon being the team’s backup.

For all the complaints it is a waste of time, it must not be since many so-called experts picked Green Bay to go to the Super Bowl based on their pre-season performance. (I am one of those so-called experts)

And finally, no matter how many players get arrested, no matter the threats of strikes and lockouts, and no matter how much they charge for games, I am addicted to football. Being without it for these several months had me shaking like two-pack-a-day smoker on a transcontinental flight.

We back NFL Sundays!

Sticking with my theme this week of picking who will lose the game (versus the spread), the LOSING team is in bold

Panthers +6.5 at Giants
Dolphins -3 at Bills
Falcons -2 at Steelers
Lions +6.5 at Bears
Bengals at Pats -5
Browns +2.5 at Bucs
Broncos +3 at Jaguars
Colts -2.5 at Texans
Raiders at Titans -6.5
Packers -3 at Eagles
49ers -3 at Seahawks
Cardinals at Rams +4
Cowboys at Redskins +4
Ravens +2.5 at Jets
Chargers at Chiefs +4.5

Season 1-0

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