Saturday, January 10, 2009

Division Round- Taking it to the Streets

Like I did last year, I checked in with a fan of each team playing this weekend in order to get a better handle on which team will win. I find the physical and mental well being of a team’s fans has a direct correlation to their success... or failure.

Ravens Fan- I have completely forgone dental care for 10 years in order to pay for these season tickets. I need them to win another Super Bowl to validate the fact I whistle every time I speak.

Titans Fan- I don’t understand. Explain to me again the concept of “stereotype.”

My Pick: Titans -3 over Ravens

Cardinals Fan- What paint? Oh no, this was all caused by too much time in the Arizona sun. I am actually spraying Lanacane. I am just hoping the hair on my head will grow back.

Panthers Fan- Last year when the team went through like eight quarterbacks, I gave Coach Fox a tryout. Anything happen to Jake this time, he promised to call me but I don’t see how that will work since I got this court order to keep 500 feet away from any Panther player.

My pick: Cardinals +10 at Panthers

Giants Fan: I use to work at Lehman Brothers. I use to make $200,000 a year. I use to not have to live with my parents. I use to have self respect.

Eagles Fan: So what you changed my diaper? You want an f-in’ medal? Now, go gets me a beer, a cheese steak and McNabb’s head.

My pick: Giants -4 over Eagles

Chargers Fan: Grrrr. Aren't we mean looking? Aren't you scared to play in our house?! Okay I’m sorry. We Chargers fans just can’t do “intimidating” like Raider fan.

Steelers Fan: As a matter of fact, I am currently “single,” but that’s only because the ladies don’t understand me. They think I am crazy or something but I’m not. I do wear a helmet!

My pick: Chargers +6.5 at Steelers

Last Week 2-2
Season 129-122-8

Real Picks
Ravens/Titans over 34 ½
Giants -4 over Eagles

Year 32-29-4

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