Friday, January 22, 2010

Championship Weekend aka Hell Week

I am still licking my considerable wounds after last weekend 0-4 performance with my picks.

What make me sick is that I predicted the Chargers game...4 months ago! In my pre-season blog, I wrote they would blow a playoff game that should win.

So for this week's picks, I decide to listen to that younger, wiser version of myself.

Jets +8 at Colts

I checked in with myself from 4 months ago, and I throw up a little in my mouth when I told myself that the Jets were in the AFC Championship Game. When I informed myself that the Colts purposing tanked a game against the Jets just a few weeks earlier which allowed the Jets into the playoff, I completely, full out barfed.

I noted to myself that karma is a bitch and the Colts deserve what they have wrought. I agree and while it pains me to know end, I am finally picking the Jets.

(Secretly, I hope this will be the ultimate jinx pick)

Vikings at Saints -3.5

I read my preseason predictions and saw I predicted Brett Favre will make 15 unbelievably terrible “What the hell was he thinking” plays this season. He is way under the number of those crazy interceptions. I believe the natural law of Favre Physics will catch up on Sunday and besides, the Saints are such the better story.

Last week 0-4

Season 137-122-8

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