Friday, January 15, 2010

Division Weekend

After going a vanilla 2-2 picking games last week, I decided to do some research before picking this week’s games.

Did you know….

The Cardinals are 5-0 against the spread over the course of the last two playoffs?
The Colts average margin of victory this year in their last 8 wins was less than 6 points?
Did you know the Wall Street Journal analysis an average NFL game (2 hr 57 minutes) and discovered there was only 11 minutes total of live action?
Did you know no number one seed has won the Super Bowl in 6 years?

I was busy getting more did you know items until I came across this clip:

I can’t stop watching it! It’s hypnotic.

To hell with research. Here are my vanilla picks for this week. Guaranteed to go 2-2, I just don’t know which two will win.

Arizona +7 at Saints

Ravens +6.5 at Colts

Cowboys +3 at Vikings

Jets at Chargers -7

Last week 2-2

Season 137-118-8

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