Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wild Card Weekend

Jets v. Bengals
The Jets are that guy who just because his parents bought him a smoking hot Porsche, he thinks he’s earned being the shit. I’d like to point out to all the Jet’s Kool Aid drinkers (like the guy who wear a Wayne Chrebet jersey on a first date) that in the last three games they could only muster a touchdown against Atlanta and won two basically forfeited games.

As for the Bengals, I am going with the theory that they can’t look any worse than last Sunday night. This is a theory that often gets me in trouble at the roulette table when I say “There is no way red can come again after 13 straights.” By the way, YES IT CAN.

My Pick: Bengals -2.5

Eagles v. Cowboys
Last week, the Eagles went from having a first round bye to be the last seed in the conference. On the good side, this means more room service for Andy Reid. Okay, I get it; Andy Reid has problems with his weight. He and his team have also had a very tough time with the Cowboys this year.

All the smart people are suggesting that the Eagles really laid down a bit last week and remind everyone about the Cowboys playoff futility. Well, I have never been accused of being smart.

My pick: Cowboys -3.5

Ravens at Patriots
This just in: In addition to broken ribs and fingers, Tom Brady has the following other injuries:
ingrown toenail, back acne, dandruff, eye twitching, ear wax and a general case of the blahs. How can one man endure so much without anyone being allowed to touch him?

The Welker injuries really hurts the Pats, just no this weekend. Belchick will talk himself into going for it on several critical 4th downs and he’ll make everyone because the Ravens will jump offside.

My pick: Patriots -3.5

Packers at Cardinals
This is by far the toughest game to predict, which obviously means it will be a blowout. The Packers have looked great in the second part of the season. Their defense is strong and Aaron Rodgers has quietly done a fantastic job of replacing Brett Turncoat. Of course, last week the annihilated the Cardinals in a game the Cardinals obviously laid down on purpose. Plus, it looks like the Cardinals have injury issues. With all signs pointing to the Packers, the wise guy gamblers have jumped all over them. The moved this line from Cardinals favored by 3 to Packers favored by one.

But last year, everyone and their mother-in-law were counting out the Cardinals and all they did was come 2 minutes away from winning the Super Bowl. It’s too tough a call. I would only bet this game with the government’s money. But if I did have their money…

My pick Cardinals +1

Last Week 11-5

Season 135-116-5

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Anonymous said...

From Aidan and Anthony (since Tampa Bay sucks)....
J-E-T-S.....Jets....Jets....Jets. The Kool Aid is yummy!! The question is would you have rooted for the Jets if they came in with the under in the previous game? LOL LOL Probaly not Dolphin fan!! BTW, love the site!!