Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week 14- Best Comedy Sports Films of the Decade

As we wrap up the end of the first decade of the 21st century, there is going to be a flood of “Best of the Decade” lists coming out.

Because we are always ones to follow a trend rather than lead it, here is our entry into the foray.

Here is the top 5 comedy sports TV shows/films of the ‘00s. Honestly, it was really slim picking after the top 2, but no one wants to see a top two list.

5. Semi-Pro

4. Bad News Bears

3. Blades of Glory

2. Dodgeball

1. Talladega Nights

Enough with the laughter. Below are my serious “If you hate money, don’t bet these” picks of the week. , The losing team in bold.

Raiders +4 at Jaguars
Bengals +8.5 at Steelers
Patriots -3 at Bears
Browns +1 at Bills
Giants -3 at Vikings
Packers -6.5 at Lions
Falcons -7.5 at Panthers
Bucs at Redskins +1
Rams +9 at Saints
Seahawks +5 at 49ers
Dolphins +5.5 at Jets
Broncos -4 at Cardinals
Chiefs +9.5 at Chargers
Eagles at Cowboys +3.5
Ravens -3 at Texans

Thursday 0-1
Last Week 9-7
Year 105-84-4

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