Saturday, December 18, 2010

Week 15- NFL's list to Santa

BREAKING NEWS….. Wikileaks has received the flash drive of one Kris Kringle (aka Santa Claus). They are set to release everyone’s Christmas letters to Santa. Fortunately, I obtained a leaked copy of the leaked copy and here are some of the things a few NFL personal asked from Santa this year:

Donovan McNabb- a Wii Fitness

Aaron Rodgers- a thicker helmet

Denver Broncos front office- a clue

Al David- Fred Biletnikoff (remember, he still thinks it’s the ‘70s)

Ben Roethlisberger- Pain medicine. Lots and lots of pain medicine.

Miami Dolphins- for their stadium to burn down and forcing them to play all their games on the road.

Matthew Stafford- a shoulder made of bone instead of glass

Brett Favre- a time machine to take him back to the moment in time he agreed to come back and play this year.

Brad Childress- same as above.

Rex Ryan - For Sal Alosi to keep his mouth shut on who ordered the Code Red, err… I mean, who order the lineup on the sideline.

Roger Goodell and the NFL owners- a labor agreement that will pay the players less, make them work harder (play more games), get their stadiums built without costing them anything, and, all the while, keeping their books a secret so they can continue to cry poor . (Hey, Wikileaks, please get a leaked copy of the NFL financials.)

The list also included my letter to Santa in which I ask, nay beg, for a return to a winning week picking games. As has been my system throughout the year, the losing team is in bold

Chiefs at Rams -3
Texans +1 at Titans
Jaguars +5 at Colts
Cardinals at Panthers -2.5
Browns at Bengals -1
Bills +5.5 at Dolphins
Eagles at Giants -3
Redskins at Cowboys -7
Lions at Bucs -4
Saints +1.5 at Ravens
Falcons at Seahawks +6
Jets +5 at Steelers
Broncos at Raiders -7.5
Packers at Patriots -14
Bears -7.5 at Vikings

Thursday 1-0
Last Week 6-9-1
Year 111-92-5

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