Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marlins Play in the Worst Stadium and in Front of the Dumbest Fans. Still Have Won More World Series in Last Century than the Cubs. had fans rate the top baseball stadiums in the majors and, as expected, Dolphins Stadium, home of the Marlins, ranked dead last.

This is a park that gets so small of a crowd that catchers have to whisper to pitchers on the mound for fear their voice will echo through the empty chairs.

The stadium that ranked first was Cleveland's Jacobs Field, home of great prices, great promotions and exactly zero championships in the last 60 years.

So Marlins, don't move! Keep your lousy home field disadvantage and $500,000 payroll. It works. You've won more championships this decade than the Yankees.


Billie the Marlin said...

worst stadium
dumb fans
2 World Series Championships

Don King Jr. said...

yeah, how does that work? Only in America!