Tuesday, April 15, 2008

United States Steps Up Trade War with Canada. Sends Miami Dolphins to Play in Toronto.

The 2008 NFL schedule was released today with the accustomed over the top fanfare that an event that is 5 months in the offing deserves.

As usual, the league is still punishing ESPN for "Playmakers" by giving them a lousy line up for Monday night football. (see Nov 10 Cardinals v. 49ers in which both teams will already be eliminated from the playoffs)

The biggest shocker has to be the decision to send the Miami Dolphins to help represent NFL football in another foreign country. Hadn't last year's game in London sent US-British relations to depths not seen since1812?

This is clearly a preemptive response by the U.S. to the unfair trade practice Canada will launch in the form of Mike Myers' "The Love Guru," coming to theaters this summer.

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