Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 7- Regrouping

After an abysmal week 6, I am taking the bye week to install a new offense and looking to promote some players from the practice squad.

I am holding this special personal mini-camp in an uninhabited region of the Rocky Mountains. I figure the clear, cool air will clear my mind, ...or make me pass out from altitude sickness. Either way, I can forgot the last week.

Before I take off, here are my picks for Week 7. I limited my research and went with the old reliable "gut feeling." Of course, thinking with the gut got us involved in two wars and the worse financial crisis in over 80 years.

My picks are in bold.

Titans at Chiefs +7
Chargers at Bills PK
Steelers and Bengals +9.5
Ravens at Dolphins -2.5
Cowboys -7 at Rams
Vikings at Chicago -3
Saints +3 at Panthers
49ers +10.5 at Giants
Lions +8 at Houston
Jets -3 at Raiders
Browns at Redskins -7
Colts -1 at Packers
Seahawks +10.5 at Buccaneers
Broncos at Patriots -3.5

Last Week 6-8
Season 45-41-2

Picks I am really pretty sure will win
Dolphins -2.5 over Ravens
Colts -1 over Packers
Saints +3 over Panthers
Chiefs +7 over Titans

Last week 0-4
Season 10-12-2

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