Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 8- As the Spiral Spins

The most popular soap opera on TV (among the male demo of 18-35) is the riveting episodes of “The National Football League.” It’s got plenty of drama, violence, intrigue, sex...all of which occurs between Tuesday through Saturday. Sundays are actually becoming the boring part of football. Recent episodes had given us plenty of reasons to curl up on the couch, wrap our favorite team’s flannel blanket around us, sip a nice frothy beer, and down some nachos and cheese as we watch “As the Spiral Spins.”

This week’s shows gave us plenty to tear up over:

The scorned Brett Favre betrays his former lover and spills the beans to his BFF (a recently run out of town Matty Millen) about the Packers inadequacies in the red zone.

The boys in the Raven’s locker room get together after school and plot a diabolical plan to ruin the bitchy Hines Wards by trying to remove his head from his shoulders.

Mike Nolan gets the pink slip and Men’s Warehouse stock plummets.

The relationship of our favorite mismatched couple, Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips, is on rocky seas. Will Jerry find it in his heart to stay with the lovable Wade or will his wandering eye land on Jason Garret’s shiny new headset?

Tom Brady’s condition worsens as his knee surgery runs into complications and our heart skips a beat thinking that he’ll never grace the cover of GQ again. Rumor has it Bridget Moynahan will bust in the last minute and donate her ACL to save Tom’s career. Will he then accept their son into his life?

Will the bank repossess the house or the car first after I went 0-8 in the last two weeks of my dead solid lock picks? I wish this was more of a soap opera.

I can’t wait to see what the next week brings. In the meantime, I’ll catch up on the three episodes of NBA Live on my TiVo.

My picks are in bold.

Raiders at Ravens -7
Chargers -3.5 at Saints
Chiefs at Jets -13.5
Bills -2
at Dolphins
Bucs at Cowboys -2.5
Falcons +8.5 at Eagles
Rams at Patriots -7
Cardinals at Panthers -4
Redskins -7.5 at Lions
Browns at Jaguars -7
Giants +2.5 at Steelers
Seahawks at 49ers -5
Bengals at Texans -9.5
Colts +4
at Titans

Last Week 5-9
Season 50-50-2

Picks I probably should play but will anyway.
Falcons +8.5 over Eagles
Panthers -4 over Cards
Rams/Patriots under 43
Chargers -3.5 over Saints

Last week 0-4
Season 10-16-2

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