Friday, October 3, 2008

Week 5- Apologies

Only a quarter through the NFL season and already the Catholic guilt ingrained inside of me is demanding I seek forgiveness for the things I have said and thought so far.

So forgive me father and Roger Goodell, but I have sinned.

Forgive me for making fun of Dan Snyder’s hiring of Jim Zorn. The Skins 3-1 record is really amazing given their terrible start against New York. If they make the Super Bowl, I’ll seek forgiveness for all the terrible free agent signings he's made.

Forgive me for questioning Joey Porter’s bravado. He talked the talk and he sacked the sacked. So much so that more than a week later, he is still collecting sacks from this game.

Forgive me for picking Seattle and Pittsburgh to go to the Super Bowl. Since I made my selection both teams have been decimated by injuries to the point that the Seahawks just activated Steve Largent and the Steelers just activated Rocky Bleier. Franco Harris wanted too much money.

Forgive me for picking the Rams every single week so far this season. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. Burn me 4 times and I’m just an idiot. Having said that, I am still picking them this week to beat the bye….but taking the 14 points.

Forgive me for doubting Brian Griese. I should have discounted his previous terrible performances in Denver…and in Miami…and in Tampa Bay…and in Chicago. That was just a short 10-year blip on an otherwise stellar NFL career.

Also, forgive me for believing:

The Bengals would stop signing felons.
Peyton Manning did not need functioning knees.
The Pats were more than a one man team.
T.O. would be satisfied with getting the ball thrown to him 18 times in a game.
Aaron Rodgers could get through 4 games without being injured.
Al Davis was still lucid.
Matt Millen would be executive of the year.

Most importantly, after a mediocre week, forgive me in advance for my Week 5 picks. My picks are in bold.

Colts -3 at Texans

Titans -3 at Ravens

Chargers at Dolphins +6.5

Chiefs +9.5 at Panthers

Redskins +5.5 at Eagles

Bears -3.5 at Lions

Falcons+7.5 at Packers

Seahawks at Giants -7

Buccaneers at Broncos -3.5

Patriots -3 at 49ers

Bills at Cardinals PICK

Bengals at Cowboys -17

Steelers at Jaguars -4

Vikings at Saints -3.5

Last Week 7-6
Season 31-28-1

My "I'm really confident" Picks
Colts -3 over Texans
Patriots -3 over 49ers
Jaguars -4 over Steelers
Titans -3 over Ravens
Titans/Ravens over 33.5

Last Week 1-2
Season 8-6-1

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THE BLIRT said...

Seriously...I cannot believe you still support the Dolphins after all these God-awful years of losing games against even themselves.

At least they're winning going into the half today. Best of luck.