Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week 7- They Said What?

Often on this website and other sports related ones, we poke fun at the errors and mishaps of athletes. Heck, it follows our motto here, “It’s fun to make fun of someone before they make fun of us.” But why limit ourselves to just the players on the field. As was suggested by my friend, deejay. mr. m, the mishaps extend beyond the field and into the booth.

So to honor (and exploit) the foibles of the guys (and gals) calling sports, here is the top 5 clips of announcer screw ups caught on tape. Or I should say the top 5 I could get quality video of on You Tube.

Berman Blow Up
Before Christian Bale, there was this Chris Berman blow up over essentially the same thing, people walking in front of him while he is working. To be honest, I do the same thing at work when some interrupts my line of sight while I am playing minesweeper.

Marino Freak Out
Think he could just leave that fiery nature on the sideline when he retired. Nope. Marino does to a desk what he did to receivers that ran errant routes. I love Nick Buoniconti’s reaction. He was a linebacker and he’s still freaked.

Sports Announcer mishaps are an equal opportunity event.
Here are a couple of funny moments from two of ESPN female sideline reporters. It is the ultimate recognition of professional acceptance when you can be made fun for screwing up. A nickel for anyone who can guess what Rachel Nichols was doing right before this clip.

College Football Announcers say what we all feel.
I love football, but honestly there are some moments that make me question whether I love it a little too much. This announcer's comments probably hit a little too close to home to many a male football fan causing us to give that uncomfortable laugh – yeah that was funny… and true.

Finally, this is the all time standard bearer of on screen sports announcer meltdowns. The “Boom Goes the Dynamite” kid. It both hilarious and painful, because honestly, isn’t there a little bit of fear we could do the same thing. The good news is he eventually graduated and became a TV reporter.

Here are my picks for the week. Last week I was an even 7-7. I guarantee I will not go .500 this week. I can guarantee this because there are only 13 games. And I had some check my math.

My picks are in bold.

Chargers -5.5 at Chiefs
Colts -13 at Rams
Bears +1.5 at Bengals
Packers -7 at Browns
Vikings +4 at Steelers
Patriots +14.5 at Bucs (in London)
49ers +3 at Texans
Jets -6.5 at Raiders
Bills at Panthers -7.5
Saints -6.5 at Dolphins
Falcons +3.5 at Cowboys
Cardinals at Giants -7
Eagles -7 at Redskins

Last week: 7-7
Season 47-43

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