Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 8- Scary Thoughts

In honor of all hallows’ eve, here are the scariest things about each of this weekend's games along with my picks (in bold):

Denver +3.5 at Baltimore
At first it was the thought of the Broncos without Jay Culter, now it is the thought of the Broncos with Jay Cutler. Any doubt that Denver would be 1-5 with Jay throwing 11 picks already?

Browns at Bears -13.5
The crazy new reason Mangini will come up with to fine his players. I predict a $2000 fine for not tipping the water boy during timeouts.

Texans -3.5 at Bills
The idea that one or both of these teams is still a threat to make the playoffs. What will Buffalo do if they can’t fire Dick Jauron?

Vikings at Packers -3
Brett Favre will have a harder time getting out of Green Bay than Snake Plissken had getting out of New York City.

49ers at Colts -11.5
The thought of how many points the Colts would score if someone told Peyton Manning he could get another commercial if they hit 100.

Miami +3.5 at Jets
The thought for Jets fans and players that they might get beat again by a high school game plan.

Rams +4 at Lions
In this economy, the fact that some people actually paid money to watch this game.

Seahawks +9.5 at Cowboys
Being in the owner’s box with Jerry Jones either when Romo throws another pick 6 or when he gets his chemical peal facial.

Raiders at Chargers -16.5
The fright on the face of a Raiders receiver going across the middle to attempt to catch a Jamarcus Russell pass. Seriously, he might get someone decapitated.

Jaguars +3 at Titans
The serious possibility that if the Titans lose badly, Vince Young could go Carrie on the whole stadium.

Panthers +9 at Cardinals
For every Panther fan, the sight of Jake Delhomme dropping back to pass

Giants +2 at Eagles
Watching a guy in a Yankee hat trying to get out of the Philly Stadium with all his limbs.

Falcons +9.5 at Saints
For the Falcons, be very afraid of jumping to a 21 point 2nd quarter lead. It’s like the homecoming queen losing her virginity in a slasher pick. You know it’s going to end badly for her.

Hopefully it will not end badly for me. Coming off another, albeit slim, winning week.

Last Week 7-5-1
Season 54-48-1

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