Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are you a true fan of Dolphins or Bears?

Five signs you are a true Bears fan:

1. You have the same hairdo as Brian Urlacher…and you are a woman.

2. You seriously believe Jay Cutler can lead the team to the Super Bowl this year.

3. You seriously believe Jay Cutler will finish the season will full use of all his limbs.

4. The Super Bowl Shuffle is on you iPod…and it’s the only song on your iPod.

5. You have petitioned the Vatican to canonize Mike Ditka.

Five (plus one) signs you are a true Dolphins fan

1. You have gotten in a fist fight defending the fact that Dan Marino is a winner.

2. The Dolphin fight song was also your wedding song.

3. You completely agree with that 8 year old kid getting tackled for wearing a Jets jersey…and you would have done it yourself if you had the chance.

4. You still call the stadium “Joe Robbie Stadium.”

5. You seriously believe that Greg Camarillo should have his jersey retired for scoring the winning touchdown that kept the Fins from going 0-16 in 2007.

6.- You are going to jinx the Fins’ Thursday night opponent by picking the Bears plus the 1.5 for the game.

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