Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thursday Night Drinking Game

Football is a fun and exciting sport to watch, but no event is so exciting that adding alcohol to it doesn’t make it infinitely better.

For this reason, I give you tonight’s drinking game rules. For those of you not familiar with the drinking game (aka Mormons), you simply chug a beer or down a shot every time the following is either said or done. Here are Thursday’s five rules.

1. For every speculation made on how much the fine and/or suspension will be for a hit on a receiver.

2. The announcer mentions “Ray Lewis has still got it” or “Ray Lewis plays the right way.” (special five shot bonus if an announcer says Lewis “knifed” through the line.)

3. “Matt Ryan” and “cool” are mentioned in the same sentence.

4. The camera cuts to Falcons owner Arthur Blank and they mention Michael Vick (It’s like you can’t show Jennifer Anniston without mentioning Brad Pitt, or show Charlie Sheen without mentioning hooker.)

5. Every time the Dallas Cowboys are mentioned. (Even though they are not playing in this game and are completely out of the playoff race, they will get talked about more than the Falcons.)

If you have not passed out by halftime, you have not been paying attention to the game.

As for my pick, the Ravens will lose this game by more than 1 point.

Drink up!

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