Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Week 15- Thursday Night Special

Here’s a news flash…tonight... it is going to rain in Seattle. This is breaking news. I repeat, “It will rain…in Seattle.” This happens only 226 days a year so you might want to watch just for the novelty of it all.

Here are some other reasons you should watch:

If the Seahawks win, instead of Gatorade, Mike Holmgren will get doused with a bucket full of Mocha Frappacino.

Not only will coach Mike Nolan dress like an old time coach, he will have his players go old school too. In a nod to the past, all Niners will play with leather helmets and no facemasks.

There will be a halftime tribute to Grunge music with performances by John Cougar Mellencamp, Kelly Clarkson, and Burt Bacharach.

Or you could just ignore the game like most of us who can’t watch it because of crappy cable systems.

Just take my word for it…it’ll be close in the first half, something like 13-10 or 10-7. But then Seattle will go in for their halftime “double red eye with extra sugar” and open it up in the second half. Seattle not only wins, they cover the 9.5 point spread. It’s as certain as the sun rising…and being blocked out by cloud cover.

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