Saturday, September 27, 2008

Win some, lose a lot

This video sums up how I felt last Sunday.

The Dolphins pulled their biggest win of the decade, I celebrate by spiking by football picks and it nails me sqaure in the....well you get the idea.

But you know something, if it would guarantee Dolphin wins for the rest of the year, I'd gladly take the shots. After last year, I have no humility left.

Here are my picks for Week 4. Sorry for the lack of commentary, but since the US government sunk its bailout hopes on my picks last week, I've been on the run avoiding a certain 300 million Americans.

My picks are in bold.

Broncos at Chiefs +9

Browns +3.5 at Bengals

Texans +7.5 at Jaguars

Cardinals at Jets Pick

49ers at Saints -6

Falcons +7 at Panthers

Vikings +3 at Titans

Packers +1.5 at Buccaneers

Bills at Rams +8

Chargers -7.5 at Raiders

Redskins +11.5 at Cowboys

Eagles -3 at Bears

Ravens at Steelers -7

Last Week 7-9

Season 24-22-1

Picks I am really going to sink my last dollars into

Packers +1.5 at Buccaneers
Cardinals at Jets Pick
Eagles -3 at Bears

Last Week 2-3
Season 7-4-1

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