Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week 10 Change is Coming

The week saw monumental change come to America. After what seemed like forever, a chance to lead was given to someone who most people never dreamed would have that opportunity.

Brady Quinn was finally named starter of the Cleveland Browns.

And they promptly went out and blew a fourth quarter lead. So maybe not all change is effective. In the spirit of all that is new in America’s political and football landscape, here are some “changes” that should come to the NFL.

Let the video review be done by someone in the booth. Having a ref run off the field, disappear under some hood, and look at the tape to determine a call (all while thousands of fans are screaming and he is freezing his butt off) is just blame dumb. College football has an official in the booth do it. This is the first and only time college football has done anything smarter than the NFL.

Cut out the commercial right after the kickoff after a score. Right now, after a team scores, they cut to commercial. The team kicks off, and then they cut to commercial. Seriously, we need a commercial break after a 5 second play? Even guys with prostrates the size of watermelons can last that long without going.

Remove Tony Kornheiser (other any other non-player) from doing color commentary. The play by play guy gives the call of the action. The color guy is an ex-player or ex-coach who gives first hand insight on what is happening. The off the wall observations should be left to you and the guys you are watching the game with. They end up being funnier that anybody the network could pick, and smarter.

When the temperature gets cold, cheerleaders should be kept in a warm box on the sidelines. Seriously, is anyone looking at the Bills cheerleaders during a December game? If these women went through all that hard work and surgery to get their bodies like that, the least we can do for them is not have them cover it up with a wool coat.

Coaches should have to be in full uniform just like in baseball. This is really just for comic relief because I’d love to see Andy Reid and Romeo Crennel squeeze into pads and a helmet. Actually, they would not look that much different from most D-Lineman.

Commentator should be allowed to talk about the point spread. The NFL has a hissy fit whenever the word “Vegas” is even thought by anyone in the game. But let’s face it, the only reason anyone will watch the Cardinals/49ers on Monday Night is because they are hoping to get even from a terrible Sunday of picks. I just think it should be acknowledged by the guys calling the game. When the 49ers are moving in for a last second TD to cut their deficit to 9 points, they should call it like it was Elway’s “The Drive.”

The NFL is not going to take any of these suggestions seriously. On the other hand, you should take the below picks seriously. Just don’t tell the NFL where you got this information.

My picks for Week 10 are in bold.

Jaguars -7 at Lions
Titans -3 at Bears
Bills at Patriots -3.5
Saints at Falcons -1
Rams +7.5 at Jets
Seahawks +9.5 at Dolphins
Packers +2.5 at Vikings
Panthers -8.5 at Raiders
Chiefs +15 at Chargers
Colts +3 at Steelers
Giants +3 at Eagles
Ravens PK at Texans
49ers at Cardinals -9.5

Last Week 9-5
Season 64-62-4

My Serious Picks
Chiefs +15 over Chargers
Giants +3 over Eagles
Patriots -3.5 over Bills

Last week 3-1
Season 14-19-3


THE BLIRT said...

While I appreciate your comment about keeping the cheerleaders warm, you missed a very important suggestion. Seriously, make Madden retire already...

Jonathan said...

If they're gonna have someone in the booth doing replays, they should make him a mysterious character like that "Banker" on Deal or No Deal. You can either take the first down, or pick case #7.