Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 13- Headlines

Burress Shoots Self in the Leg.”

At first I thought the editor got the headline wrong. He meant to say Plaxico shot himself in the foot for some stupid comment he made.


Crazy man literally shot himself in the leg. Not while hunting, but while at some nightclub. I’ve always said that doing “The Robot” was going to get someone hurt.

As outrageous as that headline is, it is nothing compared to the ones that will describe the rest of this weekend’s games.

With my picks, here are the headlines that will top line the coverage of week 13 of the NFL.

My picks are in bold.

Broncos +8 at Jets
“Cutler Does Have Stronger Arm than Favre,” says Jets DBs who Caught His Passes.

49ers at Bills -6.5
Singletary Doesn’t Wait for Halftime. Drops Pants during Anthem.”

Saints at Bucs -3.5
Doctors Reveal Saints Allergic to Real Grass.

Panthers at Packers -3
Rodgers Quits Pack to Takeover Role of Ryan on “The Office.”

Giants -3.5 at Redskins
Coughlin Smiles during Game. Head Explodes.

Miami at Rams +8
Rams Seek Counseling after Enduring Porter’s Verbal Abuse.

Ravens -7 at Bengals
Bengals Proud of 8 Yard Pass Play in 4th Quarter that Almost Got Them a First Down

Colts -5 at Browns
Crennel Falls Asleep During Fourth Quarter. No One Notices.

Falcons +5 at Chargers
Turner Calls Time Out to Discuss Coin Toss.

Steelers +1 at Patriots
Pats Linebackers Leave Game Early to Catch Senior Early Bird Special at Dennys.

Chiefs +3 at Raiders
Local Networks Sue to Have “Full House” Reruns air instead of Game.

Bears at Vikings -3
Vikes end QB woes. Direct Snap to Petersen on Every Down.

Jaguars at Texans -3.5
ESPN Cuts Away from Game for Final Round Coverage of PBA Greater Omaha Open.

Thanksgiving 0-3

Last Week 10-6
Season 91-83-4

Real Picks
Rams +8 over Dolphins
Steelers/New England Over 40
Vikings -3 over Bears

Last week 2-0
Season 21-20-3

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