Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 11- Not Thinking About It

Last week, I took the Manny Ramirez approach to picking games. I didn’t give it much thought; I just went up there and swung away. And just like Manny, I hit for power and average, picking 11 out 13 right.

Also, just like Manny, I am taking the week off from giving insight commentary because:
a) I pulled a hammie. (you have to guess which one, because I'm not telling you. Namley because I don’t know which one.)
b) I am bitter about my contract, or lack thereof.
c) I got distracted by a fluttering butterfly.

Here are my picks for Week 11. After my last couple of weeks, if you are not betting my picks, you just plain despise money.

My picks are in bold.

Jets at Patriots -3.5
Broncos at Falcons -6
Raiders +10.5
at Dolphins
Ravens at Giants -6.5
Texans +8.5 at Colts
Titans at Jaguars +3
Bears at Packers -5
Eagles -9 at Bengals
Saints at Chiefs +5
Lions +14.5 at Panthers
Vikings +4 at Buccaneers
Rams +6 at 49ers
Cardinals -3 at Seahawks
Chargers at Steelers -3.5
Cowboys at Redskins +2
Browns at Bills -4.5

Last Week 11-2
Season 75-64-4

Real Picks
Patriots -3.5 over Jets
Cardinals -3 over Seahawks
Browns/Bills over 42

Last week 3-0
Season 17-19-3

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