Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Night- Fins v. Panthers

Starting QB hurt and out for season- check.
Starting RB and best player on offense hurt and out for season- check.
Team’s best pass rusher disappearing this year- check.
Team’s first round pick and hopeful #1 receiver having hands of stone- check.

Yep, this is your 2009 Miami Dolphins.

They are just good enough to beat bad team - see Bills, Bucs, and Jets (yes, Jets fan, your team stinks, but don't tell Rex or he'll start blubbering again.)

And they are just bad enough to loss close games to good teams- Colts, Saints, Pats.

So what about mediocre teams like Carolina?

The Fins will hang around and make it close. They might even have a early 3rd quarter lead. But eventually their inability to tackle or cover good receivers will come back to haunt them. If you have Steve Smith on your fantasy team, you will win this week.

My aqua and orange blood boils as I write this, but take the Panthers and lay the 3 points.

Will this mean I lose my .0001% ownership of the team?

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