Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 9- Softies

When did we become so soft?

For several years now, there has been an increasing amount of studies and evidence to suggest that football players are susceptible to grave neurological disorders. This might, just might, have something to with the thousands of head crashing collisions they endure through a lifetime of football. The results can leave players in their later years with dementia, severe emotional distress, and a yearning to run for political office. Some esteemed writers (aka wimps) have even equated football to dog fighting.

This is completely a stretch. Dog fighting is nothing like football. If it was, Michael Vick would be a much better quarterback.

With the medical evidence increasing, some NFL veterans and medical doctors are crying out that players who suffer concussions should not be rushed back to playing. They claim that rattling the brain severe enough that it causes loss of consciousness is a “bad” thing. Look, I have suffered numerous concussions and I have had no ill effects. Look, I have suffered numerous concussions and I have had no ill effects. Look, I have suffered numerous concussions and I have had to ill effects.

But, I am happy to report that the NFL, and even college football, is not going to allow some minor concerns like players’ health stop them from fielding the best team possible to cover the spread. Time and again coaches and organizations ignore those pesky concussions and have their players walk it off. Of course, as they walk it off, they need another player with them so they don’t fall down.

This week Bryant Westbrook, just two weeks removed from a concussion that he admitted scared the hell out of him, is expected to play. Good. I have him on my fantasy team and I need all the help I can get. Granted, this might lead him to a life of staring blankly out windows, but damn it man, I need to qualify for the playoffs!

A few weeks ago, the great Tim Tebow suffered a concussion that knocked him out cold. Because Urban Meyer and the Florida staff really care about their players, they hemmed and hawed and made all kinds of public declarations that their concerns is the kid’s health. Also of concern, Florida was playing at LSU. Playing at LSU won out on the “concern-o-meter” and Tebow, who was just given medical permission to read a few days earlier, played in the game.

Tip of the cap to the Eagles and Gators, but none of them can top the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Super Bowl champs are showing the rest of the sissified world what it means to be a football team.

This case has nothing to do with head trauma, just literally life and death. Starting safety Ryan Clark has a very rare sickle-cell trait that leads to a life threatening situation if he exerts himself at high altitude. An example of this would be say, playing football at a mile above sea-level in a city such as…Denver. We know this because three years ago, Ryan Clark played a game in Denver and nearly died and needed emergency surgery to remove his spleen.

So, the Steelers are plating AT Denver this Monday Night. Ryan Clark’s status is still uncertain for the game. Yep, the fact he could die playing has only lead him to be listed as questionable. If Ryan Clark had any guts left after his operation to save his life, he would play. I commend the Steelers organization for taking the brave step of ignoring the medical condition of a single player in favor of consideration of the team as a whole.

I thank you on behalf of all people who are wagering cold hard cash on the Steelers covering the spread this Monday. See, football is nothing like dog fighting.

These are my dogs, err I mean, my picks for this week. (in bold)

Chiefs at Jaguars -6.5
Ravens at Bengals +2.5
Texans +9 at Colts
Redskins at Falcons -10
Packers -9.5 at Bucs
Cardinals at Bears -3
Dolphins +11 at Patriots
Panthers +13.5 at Saints
Lions at Seahawks -10
Titans at 49ers -4
Chargers at Giants -4.5
Cowboys at Eagles -3
Steelers at Broncos +3

Last Week 6-7
Season 60-55-1

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