Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 5- Shocking News

This week, we had a bombshell of a news story slap us across the cheek.

Allegedly, some aging superstar QB sent an attractive contract employee of an NFL team some lurid and suggestive messages along with photographic evidence that he was, in fact, a man. Storm clouds are brewing as the coverage of this story grows and certain image conscious sport/entertainment networks decide to report on it.

This story could end up be very, very bad for this QB. Of course, it got me thinking of other made up stories that, if they were alleged, could have even greater shock and awe value.

Tony Dungy secretly own three brothels in Nevada.

Jim Caldwell calls all of the Colts offensive plays and Peyton is just is puppet.

Those messages and pics mentioned above were really intended to be sent to Brad Childress

TO and Ochocinco get married on a special VH1 crossover episode of their two reality shows.

In order to recuperate from his torn ACL so quickly and effectively, Wes Welker sold over 75% equity ownership of his soul to the devil.

The Dolphins Special Teams unit had pooled all their paychecks and bet on the Patriots last week.

Aaron Rodgers and Ryan from “The Office” are, in fact, the same person.

When they go under the hood to “review a play,” the referee is really speaking to John Madden and he tells him what call to make.

The NFL’s decision to expand to 18 games had to do with satisfying fans and nothing to do with money.

After another winning week, I am not going to buck my trend of picking the losing side. Losers are in bold.

Broncos at Ravens -7.5
Jaguars +1 at Bills
Chiefs at Colts -7
Rams at Lions -3
Falcons -3 at Browns
Bucs at Bengals-6.5
Bears +2.5 at Panthers
Packers -3 at Redskins
Giants at Texans -3
Saints -7 at Cardinals
Chargers -6.5 at Raiders
Titans +7 at Cowboys
Eagles at 49ers -3.5
Vikings at Jets -4

Last Week 8-6
Year 34-26-2

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