Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 7- Suspensions

The NFL is flexing its 42 inch pythons once again. After a weekend of particularly brutal hits that left players concussed and NFL execs with arthritis from all their hand wringing, the league is going to start doling out suspensions for players who commit illegal hits. I blame Rodney Harrison for this. He admitted on Sunday Night Football that fines never concerned him when he was playing. It was the time he was suspended from games that hurt him the most. (What’s funny about this, he was not suspended for dirty hits, but for using PEDs. Funny, no one on the set mentioned this.)

Well Rodney, thanks for completely ruining it for the future generations of head hunters.

But since the NFL is at it, I have a few suggestions of other offenses that should lead to immediate suspensions.

Any offensive player who is playing at home and is called for illegal motion. You were just told the count 10 seconds ago. The crowd is quiet since you are at home and YOU STILL MOVE BEFORE THE SNAP. That’s just dumb.

Any coach who calls a timeout right before the of a field goal attempt in which the kick still gets off. This is just petty and kind of nerdy. Its like when the geeky kid who would call time out during dodgeball just because he was bleeding profusely from the nose and lip. These coaches just need to let it play continue…unless the blood loss causes unconsciousness.

Any referee who takes longer than 2 minutes to review a call. I swear that refs are scarfing down a hot dog and nachos under that hood. It is the only explanation for the length of time they take to make a review call when the rest of us can see the play clearly.

Any player who celebrates a first down when his team is losing by 10 or more points. Let’s call this the “Roy Williams Rule.”

Any receiver who immediately calls for a flag after an incomplete pass. As soon as the ball gets past them, they start looking around and tossing up their hand like they are sprinkling the air with confetti. This is just like soccer player who raise their hands for offside as the opponent is blasting by them to score. In both cases, it is insane since the ref is going not going to call based on your histrionics…they are going to call it based on who paid them off the most before the game. Duh.

The NFL needs to apply these rules this weekend!

Sticking with my warped system for 2010, my pick for the losing team is in bold.
Steelers -3 at Dolphins
Bengals at Falcons -3.5
Jaguars +9.5 at Chiefs
Eagles +3 at Titans
Redskins at Bears -2.5
Browns at Saints -13
Bills at Ravens -13
49ers at Panthers +3
Rams at Bucs -3
Cardinals at Seahawks -6
Patriots +2.5 at Chargers
Raiders +8 at Broncos
Vikings at Packers -2.5
Giants at Cowboys -3

Last Week 7-5-2
Year 49-37-4

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