Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 8- I doth pick'em

In honor of this week’s NFL game being hosted in the land of Shakespeare, I give you a couplet that sums up each of my picks.

The sound you hear is the Bard spinning and cursing in his grave. Thank goodness he doesn’t have access to a lawyer.

As always, my picks for the losing team is in bold.

Broncos +2 at 49ers
Singletary was once a great backer
By next week he’ll be an office packer

Jaguars at Cowboys -6.5
Cowboy fans cry ‘bout the hurtin’ Romo
Next year they’ll wail ‘bout head coach Del Rio

Redskins +2.5 at Lions
The Lions are locks to cover as dogs
But once favored, bet the bank on the Hogs

Packers +6 at Jets
Logic doth tell me to go with the Jets
Hatred prevents me so lose will my bets

Panthers at Rams -3
A broke finger may keep Jackson from game
Hall Famer Ron Lott doth think this is lame

Dolphins +2 at Bengals
Dolphins be cursed when they have home cooking
Bengals can’t win when Carson is throwing

Bills at Chiefs -7.5
Last game did the Bills look good when they led
Ugly shall they be at new Arrowhead

Titans at Chargers -3.5
As sure as the sun doth rise in the East
Chargers will win in the AFC Least

Bucs at Cardinals -3
Oh Kurt, Oh Warner, please come back and play
No chance there is Max Hall lasts through Sunday

Seattle +2 at Raiders
Quiet lest you awake sleeping old Al
Should he arise he shall fire Cable

Vikings at Patriots -6.5
Many a joke I can make ‘bout this pick
Refrain I shall since it’ll end with a ____

Steelers at Saints -1
Orleans be alit on All Hallow’s Eve
No way Pittsburgh shall get’ Big Ben to leave

Texans at Colts -5.5
If total be twenty take the over
On number of times Gruden doth slobber

Last Week 6-8
Year 55-45-4

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