Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's not always the mascot's fault

My good friend, the spinmaster dj mr. m, recently made a point to me that it is not always the mascot's fault. Maybe I have been too harsh, but dammit 99% of the time I can directly link any team's loss or global economic crisis to a mascot. You hear me Phillie Phanatic who got me to refinance my home with an adjustable rate mortgage!

Here are three examples even I admit the mascot is not at fault.

I love the fact that not a single person goes over to the mascot to see if he is okay. They just stare at him as he rolls around in excruciating pain.

First time wearing a mascot costume-- check!

First time on ice skates check -- check!

Last time I'll be able to land a date-- check!

Everyone knows that (alleged) PEDs add 20 pounds to a person's frame.

Also, don't Blame the Mascot if you are degenerate enough to bet this week's Thursday night game between the Colts and Jaguars. You do not know if the Colts are going to play all their starters for the whole game and you do not know how bad the Jaguars really are.

If you do bet it, may I suggest you seek counseling and take the Jaguars plus the 3 points.

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