Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Night: Steelers v. Browns

These are two teams going in different directions. Pittsburgh is driving off a cliff and Cleveland is already at the bottom of the cliff.

Pittsburgh is in bad shape because:
1) The only guy who can tackle on their team is too busy doing Head and Shoulders commercial to play.
2) The locker room is full of players bickering over who is healthy enough to play and who is one blow to the head away from drooling more than Hooch.
3) They are worried about what the Tiger Woods story could mean for their chances to hook up during away games.

Cleveland is in bad shape because:
1) They made the absolute worst coaching hire in the history of pro football.
2) They are too busy helping the NY Jets get to the playoff (see Sanchez and Edwards)
3) They are masters at finding new and mind-bending ways to lose games.

Although these are two Titanics heading for the same ice berg, I think the Steelers have a few more life boats so I am going with Pittsburgh minus the 10 points.

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Anonymous said...

Sad but true. So true.