Friday, December 11, 2009

Week 14- Nothing exciting going on

There is a lot to cover in sports this week as the NFL season heads down the home stretch, the college bowl season is about to begin, the NFL and NBA are in full swing, MLB trades are happening and…oh my god I just saw that another women has come out saying she slept with Tiger Woods!

No. I am not going to get distracted over something as meaningless and private as Tiger Woods’ personal life. This post is all about analyzing what is happening on the field and, …good god, they have naked pictures of Tiger! Where?

I mean, not that I want to see it, but so I can avoid going to those sites, whatever they might be. Let’s discuss the NFL. There are several big games this weekend starting with the Dolphins and the Jaguars battling for a spot in the playoffs…Tiger might have drunk, stoned, and/or overdosing on Thanksgiving? What was he taking? How much? Does he know Michael Jackson’s doctor?

Never mind. Must stay focused. The Yankees had a big trade this week getting All-Star center fielder Curtis…Tiger’s mother-in-law is sick! Oh my god! Was she drunk, stoned, and/or overdosing? What was she taking? How much? Does she know Michael Jackson’s doctor?

Alright. I can'y keep going to TMZ. I am disconnecting my internet right no…

Okay, I pulled the wrong plug. I am back but have no internet capability so I can focus on sports and…what’s that honey? Tiger Woods is on The View? Oh, Tiger Woods has been ON The View. All of them? Even the guy? What do mean Joy Behar is not a guy?

Okay. That’s it. I am closing the door. Pulling the plug on my telephone. Shutting off the TV. Sticking just to sports. This week the Heisman trophy is going to go to one of five very qualified players. Players..... Playas. Damn Tiger is a playa. How did he have the time to play golf with all the messing around he was doing? Wonder how it’ll effect his game. And his wife. So…like, is she officially single now? Let me Google her picture. Dammit!!! Who unplugged my internet thingy!

Forget this. I can barely keep enough focus to brush my teeth. Thank god he’ll be returning to just playing golf soon and we can forget the while mess. He just said what!?!?

Here are my picks this week. Be warned, the whole time I was making these picks, I was thinking about Tiger’s mother-in-law having an affair with Michael Jackson’s doctor.

My pick in bold.

Broncos at Colts -7
Bengals +6.5 at Vikings
Jets -3.5 at Bucs
Bills at Chiefs PK
Packers -3 at Bears
Saints at Falcons +10
Lions at Ravens -13.5
Dolphins +2.5 at Jaguars
Panthers +13.5 at Patriots
Seahawks at Texans -6
Rams at Titans -13
Redskins at Raiders +1
Chargers +3 at Cowboys
Eagles +1 at Giants
Cardinals -3.5 at 49ers

Thursday 0-1
Last Week 10-5-1

Season 102-87-4

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