Saturday, December 5, 2009

Week 13- The Good Old Days

Channel suffering last night found me landing on the NFL Network and a replay of the classic 1994 game between the Dolphins and the Pats. This game was notable since it was Marino return after being out most of the previous season with a blow Achilles tendon. Living in Miami at the time, I missed watching this game but heard some of it on the radio. So it was incredibly cool actually seeing what I missed. It doesn’t hurt that the Fins won this game in typical Marino shoot out fashion 39-35. This was also the game Bledsoe really came to the forefront as a big time arm.

As I watched a game that took place over 15 years ago, I realized some of the parts of the game that I really miss.

Sidelines were not over-crowded.
Back then, there was a normal amount of people on the sidelines of each team. I saw actual space between the players and the coaches.

In today’s game, the sidelines look like a Vegas nightclub dance floor at 2:00am. Sweaty bodies grinding and bumping into each other because of a lack of space. I swear it looked like the sidelines are crowded with everyone even remotely associated with the team. Injured players. Former Players. Celebrity Fans. Priests. Caddies. Wives. Mistresses. Lawyers. Mistress’ Lawyers.

Shula with no headset.
He was the last of the old breed of coaches who looked more like a field general and less like the kid taking my order at McDonalds.

A slimmer Parcells.
Okay, he was pretty fat, but you do not realize how fat he has gotten now until you see him 15 years ago. He looked downright slim compared to the Parcells on the Jets and Cowboys sidelines. In comparison, Shula looks the same, which says something about that Nutra-system diet he went on.

Muddy Fields.
The Marlins were still playing so the infield dirt was still there. It rained prior to the game so the dirt became a slop of mud. Because fields today are so much better cared for (Heinz field the exception), we do get enough of those roll around in the mud games that we as kids love to watch and play in. If a player’s uniform ain’t dirty, how do we know he is trying?

No replay crying.
In a 15 minute span, I saw three plays that were questionable and would have cried out for a replay review in today’s game. Back then, the teams and announcers just shrugged it off and went on with playing. There was so much less crying in football back then.

Marino yelling and cursing.
There was less crying, but a heck of a lot more cursing and yelling from star quarterbacks, especially from number 13 of Miami. Can you imagine today’s QB getting away with as many F-Bombs to his teammates as Marino did? Loved the fiery competitor. And as you can see, he hasn’t lost it.

Now, back to the present. Here are my picks for Week 13. (in bold) If this week is like last week, there will be plenty of crying and cursing and yelling going on this Sunday.

Broncos at Chiefs +4.5
Raiders and Steelers -14.5
Texans at Jaguars PK
Titans at Colts -7
Eagles -5
at Falcons
Lions +13 at Bengals
Saints -9.5 at Redskins
Bucs at Panthers -6
Rams at Bears -8
Chargers -13 at Browns
49ers at Seahawks PK
Vikings at Cardinals +3.5
Cowboys at Giants +2
Patriots -4 at Dolphins
Ravens at Packers -3

Thursday 1-0
Last Week 8-7-1
Season: 93-81-3

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