Friday, September 19, 2008

A Bizarre Week 2

The last week has brought us some strange things in the NFL, even more bizarre than usual.

Peyton Manning, hoping around like Verbal Kint (and playing like him too) leads the Colt to 18 straight points to pull out a win.

68 year old former bag boy Kurt Warner tearing up the Dolphins and leading his team to 2-0. I guess it was a good idea for him not to do beer bongs during the off season. Who knew?

Lane Kiffin pissing off Al Davis by WINNING, thus forcing him to have to wait until after they lose to the Bills this week to fire him. And he had already called IT to erase Kiffin’s email.

Matt Cassel ripping apart the Jets with his 10 yard passing attack. I know this is a crazy thought, but just maybe the Jets could have adjusted for that. I mean if are going to have all those coaches, and headsets and hidden video cameras, perhaps it would be a good idea to utilize them to make adjustments.

Ed Hochuli makes a mistake and blows a play dead as an incomplete pass when it was clearly a fumble. What was crazy is that he felt so bad about it, he decided to place the ball back to the 10 yard line, thus “penalizing” the Broncos. This is the kind of made up rules we use to create for street pick-up games along with the invisible center and “Hitting my mom’s car is out of bounds!”

Romeo Crennel deciding to go for a field goal with 6 minutes left and down by seven. That’s not weird since he did that same thing the week prior when down by 21. What’s mind boggling is Madden agreeing with the decision, saying he would have done the same thing.
“You if you get the 3 points, then you need just a touchdown, but if you go for the Touchdown and miss it, then you need a touchdown AND AN EXTRA POINT.” I think Madden needs to go to Ace Hardware to tighten that loose screw.

However that was not the dumbest thing spoken by an announcer this weekend. That award goes to Michael Irvin. Surprise! He was doing radio for Monday Night Football and the Eagles were taking timeouts near the end of the game as the Cowboys had the ball and the lead. Irvin’s insight- “The Eagles are taking timeouts so that if the Cowboys score again, they’ll have time to come back. Really Michael? Really? I thought I heard Marv Albert trip over his chaps when he heard than one.

Maybe, just maybe, the Eagles were taking timeouts in the hope they would stop the Cowboys from scoring and get the ball back down only 4 points. Being down by 11 but having a full 2 minutes to play may not exactly be what Andy Reid and the boys were thinking. But, hey you played the game so you must know.

But the winner of the dumbest thing said this week goes to multiple award winner Joey Porter. He called out Matt Cassel and predicted a Dolphins victory over the Patriots.

Just a reminder:
The Dolphins have won exactly one of their last 21 games.
The Patriots have won 21 consecutive regular season games

This is not even a case of a player writing a check his team can’t cash; he’s trying to write a check with no ink in the pen.

Note- For whatever it is worth, the last time the Pats lost a regular season game was against the Dolphins.

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